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Adoption Process

Information on How to apply, What to expect and Pricing

Adoption Process


All interested parties are first asked to fill out our on-line application. Just as you are seeking out information on us, we too want to learn about you and your family. Once an application has been submitted, within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail from Iowa Meadow staff with pertinent information. If all parties agree to move forward, a signed contract is required for both Buyer and Seller's well-being. The completed contract, plus $500 deposit will secure your spot on the Master Reservation List for an Iowa Meadow Labradoodle puppy!


You will be placed on our Master Reservation List in order of the date we receive your signed contract and deposit.  Upon the birth of each litter, we will email/call each person in order by their contract and deposit date (up to the number of puppies born) to offer a reservation with the newborn litter.  If any person chooses to pass and wait for the next litter born, we will then email the next person on the Master Reservation List to offer them a reservation with this litter until each puppy has a reserved home. You may pass for any reason, perhaps the timing doesn’t work well for you, or the litter was all girls, and you were hoping for a boy. Although you will have the choice to reserve or pass on a litter, preferences are still not guaranteed as we will always first and foremost match puppies to families by temperament and the information you have provided regarding lifestyle. 

Since we will know the exact date the puppies will be ready to go home, we do ask that you are confident and quite certain that the go-home date will work for you before you place your name on a litter list.  It can be difficult for us to find homes quickly for puppies if someone decides to move off the litter list at the last minute. So please be very confident in your decision to be placed on a litter list.  Temperament testing is done at 7 weeks of age and we then match the puppies to their families.  

Puppy "Gotcha Day" is scheduled for the weekend closest to the litters 8-week birthdate. Families will pick-up their new addition at Iowa Meadow Labradoodles in Cumming, Iowa. If necessary, delivery or flight arrangements can be made at an additional cost to the buyer. 


The total purchase price for one of our puppies will be $3,000.00 (plus Iowa sales tax). When puppies are born, we require payment of $1,250.00 (plus Iowa sales tax).  At 6 weeks of age, the remaining $1.250.00 (plus Iowa sales tax) is due.

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