What do we feed????

Life's Abundance

One of our most-asked questions is, what do we feed our puppies? Life's Abundance and Paw Tree! We recommend that you feed your puppy the same food they are currently eating. Going to a new home is one the biggest changes a puppy will have in their lifetime. Keeping them on the same food is one less stressful event for our puppies. We feed All life stages and Paw Tree to our adult dogs and puppies. We have chosen 2 fantastic foods for our families to choose from. Nutrition plays such an important role in keeping your puppy healthy. We research food regularly and continue to do so each year. 

Paw Tree


  • Formulated by a holistic vet.  

  • Never had a recall!

  • Life's Abundance is made in small batches and everything shipped is generally no older than 6 weeks!

  • Contains wholesome ingredients designed to provide 100% complete nutrition in accordance with AAFCO.

  • Life's Abundance is packed with digestible ingredients that you feed less than other foods, which also means smaller poops!!! 

  • Not only do they have food, but also treats, supplements, and grooming products!

  • ***It's shipped right to your door!*** 

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