Our Guardian Program 

Iowa Meadow Labradoodles is committed to all of our dogs and believe our dogs should live in a home environment and NOT a kennel setting. As we expand our breeding program, we will be offering a Guardian home program. Having our Guardian home program is to ensure that each of our dogs in our breeding program get all the love and attention they deserve. 

Guardian families are responsible for normal dog care, including, but not limited to, training, socialization, vet expenses (non breeding-related), food, grooming and lots of love and affection. We also expect our Guardian homes to attend obedience classes and provide ample socialization opportunities for the pup.  Iowa Meadow Labradoodles pays for all breeding-related expenses.  As an added benefit for the Guardian family, depending on our schedule, we may provide care for your dog while you're on vacation!  

The Guardian program helps provide a family that may not have the funds to adopt an Australian Labradoodle puppy into their family, an option to have an Australian Labradoodle. The “pick of the litter” is personally chosen by us, at a very discounted cost, to live with their Guardian family.  You will pay a $500 deposit that will be refunded with litter payment of $300. 

Once all of the puppies have been adopted, your dog will then return to your home and you will receive $300 for each successful litter your dog produces. (Males dogs will differ.)


The Guardian Program works like this: when we have a prospective breeding dog (could be male or female), we will look for a guardian home to place them in until they are ready to be bred. When the dog reaches breeding age, they will come back to our home to be bred and will return to your house for the duration of their pregnancy.  When it's time for the arrival of their litter, they will again return to our home.  When the dog has completed our breeding program, it be spayed/neutered and returned to the Guardian family to live out the rest of their life. 


Male Guardian dogs leave their Guardian homes for very short periods of time to sire. 


Female breeding dogs come to us to be bred and then will return to you.  When it is time for the birth, she will return to Iowa Meadows Labradoodles for the delivery, nursing, and weaning of the puppies. Females usually reside with us for 6-8 weeks after their puppies are born. We do understand it is difficult for Guardian families to have their beloved girl gone for an extended amount of time. We do encourage and welcome families to visit their girls while she is with us.  Please call or email in advance so we don't miss each other.

In order to be a Guardian Family, you must meet the following criteria:


* Have someone home during the day or some of the work day. 

* Guardian home must be within a 35 minute drive from Des Moines, IA. LOCATION IS HUGE!

* Have a fenced-in yard

* Have prior dog experience

* Notify breeder AS SOON AS female comes into season.

* Provide monthly photos and updates for our website.

* Bring the dog to Iowa Meadow Labradoodles as needed for health testing,

     breedings, whelping and photo shoots

*Reliable transportation and willingness to bring dog to us when needed

*Willingness to follow guidelines and recommendations set forth by breeders’ requirements

    for dog’s basic veterinary care such as vaccine schedules, flea & tick protection, grooming,

    nutrition, etc.

Please contact us at iowameadowlabradoodles@gmail.com or call us at (515) 783-7739 if you are interested in our Guardian Home Program!