Supplies and More

Food Bowls

 We recommend these pop-up bowls when you are out and about with your pup. They are super easy to bring along for long walks or a fun hike.  

Puppy Treats

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LA - Bully Sticks.png

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We prefer the crates with double doors.


Small crate (20 pounds or less)

Medium crate (20-35 pounds)

Large crate (35-55 pounds)

Dog Beds


There are products that, of course, you can forego. These grooming products are a must.  Labradoodles are coated dogs and need frequent brushing to keep matting at bay. We have tried what seems like a million slicker brushes and truly this is the brush to go with. It is a bit more expensive, but you will end up going back to this brush and saving money in the end. 

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LA - Soothing Mist.png
LA - Shampoo.png

Local Puppy Treats

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Australian Labradoodles are extremely intelligent dogs. Five minutes of brain stimulation is equal to 20 minutes of physical play. 


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