Adoption Process


To begin your Australian Labradoodle adoption process, fill out and submit our on-line Puppy Application. Within 48 hours, you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your application

If approved for adoption, we will request that you make a $500 deposit towards the price of your puppy. This deposit will secure you on the list for an Iowa Meadow Labradoodles puppy or place you on our waiting list. A signed contract at time of deposit is required for both Buyer and Seller's well-being.


We are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new reservation process once our “already reserved” and “current litters” are fulfilled.  We expect that to be in the next week to two weeks.  


With the implementation of our new Master List process, rather than have a reservation list for each litter separately and having an additional waiting list, we will have one Master List.


How it Will Work


When a new litter is born, we will call or email through our Master List in the order deposits were received. We will be asking if you wish to be placed on that particular litter list. This will allow us to know how many puppies were born, genders, colors, the date the puppies will be ready to go home, all of the details that previously we would have had to wait for birth to know. Please note our puppies are still matched with families first and foremost based on temperament and information provided in your application about your lifestyle.


When we call or e-mail you upon birth of a litter, you have the option at that time to place your name on that litter list or you may choose to pass on that litter and wait for another upcoming litter. You may pass for any reason, perhaps the timing doesn’t work well for you, or the litter was all girls and you were hoping for a boy.  We will be happy to leave your name on our master list for one year. If at the end of a year, you haven't chosen a litter/puppy, then you have the option to stay on the list longer, or we will refund your deposit.

Since we will know the exact date the puppies will be ready to go home, we do ask that you are confident and quite certain that the go-home date will work for you before you place your name on a litter list.  It can be difficult for us to find homes quickly for puppies if someone decides to move off the litter list at the last minute. So please be very confident in your decision to be placed on a litter list.  Temperament testing is done at 7 weeks of age and we then match the puppies to their families.  If there is not a match for you within the litter (for whatever reason) you are welcome to revert back to the Master List (in your original position) and continue waiting for the next litter.  You may also choose at that time to have your deposit refunded since we could not provide a puppy out of the litter you chose.

The total purchase price for one of our puppies will be $3,000.00 (plus Iowa sales tax). When puppies are born, we require payment of $1,250.00 (plus Iowa sales tax).  At 6 weeks of age, the remaining $1.250.00 (plus Iowa sales tax) is due.  All payments and deposits require Iowa sales tax if you reside in Iowa. 


When your puppy is 8 weeks of age, he/she can go home. You are welcome to pick up your puppy from us or we can meet you to deliver your new baby (within a reasonable distance)! We encourage all families to pick up your puppy from us at Iowa Meadow Labradoodles.  We can also meet you at the Des Moines International Airport.  If your puppy needs to be flown to you, we would fly with them,  If we are flying to you, flights typically range from $450.00 to $650.00 (depending on your location in the U.S.).  Pups can also fly by themselves if you are comfortable with that.  If you need shipping details, please contact us at


We encourage you to pick out which pup you would like to have.  PLEASE NOTE that we will make the final decision on which puppy will be going to which home.  We have been learning their personalities for the last 8 weeks and this ensures they will be going to the family that will fit their individual personalities.